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Vintage Title Pride Event Benefiting the House of Tulip: A Host and His Plan to Help

Vintage Title is excited to announce its upcoming Pride event benefiting House of Tulip in New Orleans, Louisiana. The event will take place on June 21, 2023, from 4 PM to 7 PM at QiQi, and will be hosted by Wil Campbell Jr., Vintage Title’s marketing director.

Realtor Pride was initially created to celebrate the LGBTQ+ Realtors in New Orleans. As it evolved, Wil recognized the need for a philanthropic element, one that would pay the success of LGBTQ+ Realtors forward. This is when donations to the House of Tulip began.

House of Tulip has made it their mission to purchase and renovate homes that offer secure shelter for Transgender and gender non-conforming adolescents, who may not be accepted or able to reside at their family residences. Their commitment to addressing childhood traumas and nurturing Trans youth is commendable. As pioneers in this arena, they serve as an inspiration to us all, showing us the importance of supporting disadvantaged groups and contributing to our communities.

Wil hopes that all who attend Realtor Pride will continue to support House of Tulip in the future and bring awareness to the challenges that LGBTQ+ youth face. The significance of the event to Wil became evident when questioned about what makes this event an important one. 

Q: What made you want to start this event?

A: In the beginning, Realtor Pride started out strictly as a celebration. It was designed to give thanks to the LGBT+ Realtors in the New Orleans Metro Area. The thought behind it was that, despite many of them being told (and maybe even believing themselves) that there wasn’t a place for people like them in business, that they had made it. That they had a profession they could be proud of, served clients who celebrated them, and that they could make a living supporting themselves…as themselves. 

Q: In your opinion, what is amazing about the House of Tulip? Why choose this organization?

A: Honestly, House of Tulip’s dedication to buy and restore property to house TGNC youth who are either not welcomed or unable to live at their families’ homes was enough to choose them to donate to. Their mission is exemplary. However, my personal opinion, what I find so amazing about House of Tulip, is where they’ve chosen to position themselves in the problem. Tulip stands for Trans United Leading Intersectional Progress. Everything about this acronym sends a jolt of activism down my spine. To provide funding to trans leaders who have seen, came out of, and still live ruthless experiences became important. For the leaders of House of Tulip to dedicate their time, for them to relive their childhood traumas, for them to care for TGNC youth going through the same today. It’s beyond honorable. It’s truly work that anyone should be proud to support.

Q: How does real estate play into this event?

A: Real Estate was the metaphorical cousin who wasn’t directly invited to the party, but showed up and ended up being a great guest. At the core of searching for a foundation was it needing to be a cause that affected the LGBT+ community. Discovering House of Tulip aided in housing, after checking the box of being a TGNC foundation, it became quite clear that any LGBT+ real estate professional should be helping House of Tulip.

Q: What would you like everyone invited to know about this event?

A: I’d like everybody to know that Realtor Pride is only a 3 hour event. The work of House of Tulip continues all year long. If this event or article is your introduction to House of Tulip or to the experiences LGBT+ youth face, it should not be your last.

Q: Please include anything that you think would be beneficial.

A: You can make a tax-deductible contribution to House of Tulip at any time by check or your favorite digital platform. Visit them at for ways how.

In conclusion, the Vintage Title’s event is a celebration not only of the success of LGBTQ+ Realtors but also of organizations like House of Tulip that support the community’s youth. It’s an opportunity for everyone to help make an impact through their contributions and to show their support for diversity and inclusivity. Special thanks to Wil Campbell Jr. for being an activist in the community and for organizing a place for others to be as well!