Vintage title is here for you. Whether you're a first-time home buyer, a family managing the affairs of a deceased loved one, or an aggrieved party in a contract dispute—you can feel secure that we will protect your interests and provide thoughtful and effective counsel. In addition to real estate transactions, Vintage Title is experienced in a variety of legal practice areas, including business matters, successions, wills, commercial litigation, and personal injury.



The American Land Title Assosciation (ALTA) established industry-accepted best practices in 2015 to help protect consumers and lending institutions and guarantee a successful settlement experience. Since then, Vintage Title has continued to meet or exceed all industry-accepted benchmarks established by ALTA.


As an industry leader and authority in the New Orleans real estate market, you can count on our attorneys to ensure that your home purchase or sale closes as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Vintage Title is also experienced with virtually every type of commercial property transaction, from vacant land and office space, to multi-family, multi-site, retail, and more.


Purchasing lender’s title insurance is required for those working with a lender to purchase a home or refinance their mortgage. In addition to the lender's policy, an owner's policy protects homeowners and their heirs against a multitude of potential problems, including unpaid taxes and assessments, forgeries and fraud, and unpaid judgments and liens. When the lender’s policy and owner’s policy are purchased together, the total insurance premium can often be reduced.


A title abstract is an examination of a particular parcel of land’s title history. Title abstracts are performed whenever property changes hands. Vintage Title’s lawyers conduct a thorough title examination of each abstract to ensure the property is free and clear of any encumbrances that might affect your rights.


These tax-deferred exchanges can drastically lessen the tax burden on investments and business-use assets. Understanding the various types of 1031 exchanges is key. Vintage Title can explain the options and coordinate the exchange process in order to help taxpayers defer a tax burden that would typically be due upon the sale. Trust Vintage Title to provide the expertise to help you navigate the Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 exchange process.



A succession is the legal transfer of a decedent’s property to the decedent's heirs. Vintage Title can help families navigate the complex legal matters associated with both testate and intestate successions. We carefully analyze the subtleties involved to ensure that title to the property is clear once the succession is complete.


An estate consists of everything a person owns at the time of his or her death. Everyone has an estate. No matter a person's net worth, everyone can benefit from consulting with Vintage Title regarding their estate plan. Even the most modest estate owners can benefit greatly. Creating an estate plan enables assets to pass according to a predetermined plan, without negative emotional and financial consequences for those left behind. Vintage Title can develop an estate plan that protects your wishes and provides true peace of mind to loved ones.


Starting a business means potentially exposing yourself to debts and liabilities, but working with Vintage Title to choose the right business entity and legally register your company can help limit personal exposure. Legally registering your business with Vintage Title can not only limit liability, but may also help you to realize certain tax benefits and protect your reputation by legitimizing your business.


Vintage Title has experience across a broad spectrum of practice areas. In the area of commercial litigation, our legal team has advised clients on both the plaintiff's and the defense side on contract disputes worth millions of dollars and has represented Fortune 500 companies against employees’ personal injury claims under Federal, Texas, and Louisiana Law. On the transactional side, one attorney on our team has helped to negotiate and close credit transactions involving hundreds of millions of dollars and helped provide legal counsel to private equity funds worth up to $14 billion.