We are thrilled to reintroduce you to Lincoln Duhon, a valued member of the Vintage Title team. Lincoln has been with Vintage Title since August of 2015, bringing her expertise and dedication to the company. Recently, Lincoln has taken on a new remote role as the Digital + Client Relations Manager at Vintage Title. This is a position that allows her to utilize her skills in digital marketing and provide exceptional customer service to our valued clients.

Although Lincoln has relocated to Brooklyn, NY, her presence and impact at Vintage Title remains strong. While we will miss seeing her in person, we know that Lincoln’s passion for real estate and commitment to her real estate agent friends will continue to shine through in her new role. Her years of experience and deep connections in the industry make her a valuable resource for our team and our clients. We recently chatted with Lincoln on Instagram Live about her move and new role at the company.

Q: Where has Lincoln been?

A: I’ve recently moved to Brooklyn, NY. My wife received a job in Manhattan, and we moved to start a completely new life! Change is terrifying, but the uncomfortable feeling from the process has already made me feel like I’ve grown so much. I decided to start working my way towards working fully remote when Ainsley received her job last spring.

Q: What has Lincoln been up to?

A: Over the summer, we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary and my 30th birthday. With the ability to work remotely, we were able to take this summer to spend time with family in Maine and take a celebratory trip in honor of our anniversary before we moved to Brooklyn permanently! This was a dream come true!

Q: What does Lincoln do for Vintage?

A: Vintage is my heart and soul. I started working for Vintage when I was 22 years old and had just moved from Lafayette. I knew no one in New Orleans and felt like I was just a baby. The team there became my New Orleans family. I am now 30 and get to thank Vintage for most of my growth from my 20s. When the move to the Northeast came up, I had to think of a way I could best aid my friends in real estate I’ve made over the last 8 years and how that role best serves Vintage Title. Leaving Vintage did not feel like an option for me. Having made so many connections and friendships over the years, I was not ready to close the door.

My new position isn’t really new at all! Helping agents and Vintage’s office in all things convenient. As Vintage’s client relations manager, I act as a main point of contact for clients. Addressing their needs, resolving issues, and providing exceptional customer service while collaborating with the Vintage team to ensure client requirements are met and exceeded. This could be as simple as providing a quote or making sure a closing gift has been arranged if an agent has forgotten one!

In addition to making sure everyone is happy, I also oversee all aspects of a company’s digital presence, including websites, social media, and online marketing strategies. I develop and implement digital campaigns to enhance brand awareness and drive customer engagement. I have always enjoyed promoting Vintage online and talking about the importance of Social Media and brand awareness. This job is very fun to me and allows for me to be creative.

Q: How is Lincoln a resource to real estate professionals?

A: I’m always excited to help. If you know me, you know that I am a giver. I enjoy helping my friends grow their business and optimize their fullest potential online. In addition to working for Vintage, I own a small Digital Marketing company. I have private clients whom I help grow their business online. As a courtesy of Vintage, I offer virtual Social Media Marketing Coffees. This is a time where we can virtually meet and come up with a social media strategy for your real estate-related business. I am also always happy to make an open house flier when you are in a pinch.

Q: Why is sending business to Vintage important?

A: Sending business to Vintage has never been more important. With an interesting market, the community should want to support companies that have always given back and stayed alive during trying times. Vintage is 23 years old and women-owned. We pride ourselves on handling each file with care and attention to detail. If given the chance, we promise you will be happy with our services!

So, let’s raise a virtual toast to Lincoln Duhon, our Digital + Client Relations Manager extraordinaire! We are grateful to have her on our team, and we can’t wait to see the positive impact she will continue to make as she embarks on this new chapter in Brooklyn. Stay tuned for more Team Tuesday features as we spotlight the incredible individuals who make Vintage Title shine.